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Autumn Promotion 10% off

Autumn Promotion 10% off30.9.19 - DEAR CUSTOMERS, we would like to invite you to visit our company during the special promotion week. The promotion is held from 20. 5. 2019 till 25. 5. 2019. Opening hours are from 8:00 till 16:00 including Saturday.

During this week we would like to offer you EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT on top of our usual system of discounts.

1. Shungite

You will find in our offer rough shungite, pyramids and tumbled stones.

The price of rough shungite is 150 CZK/ kg, stones are packed in plastic bags by 2 kilo.

We alco offer economy packaging in 25 kg cardboard box for advantageous price. When buying shungite by 25 kg the price per kg is 90 CZK.

We offer shungite pyramids in three different sizes: small (90 CZK), medium (150 CZK), large (360 CZK). 

Tumbled stones are in quality A and B.

You will find the complete offer of shungite tumbled stones here.

2. Amethyst Druses 

Samples with characteristic small amethyst crystals, many of them forming irregular stalactite  formations.

All these pieces have a flat bottom base.

Every piece is original and the size of the individual amethysts differs from 0,5 kg to 7 kg.

The price is 250,- CZK/kg.

We have prepared a special, advantageous economic packaging.

When taking original boxes with amethyst druses the price is 120, 150, 200 CZK/kg depending on the quality of the material.

The weight of an original box is about 20kg.

The offer of AMETHYST DRUSES can be found here.

3. Amethyst Geodes


We received a great amount of geodes which are of various shapes and sizes. Do not hesitate and come to choose from this wide offer.

Geodes are arranged in the groups "lots" on the pallets (12 pieces on each pallet). If you buy whole lot on the pallet without selecting the price is 150 CZK/kg.

If you prefer selection of individual pieces the price is 250 CZK/kg.

This consignment also includes the big geodes of the high quality. We offer them individually and their price is 200 CZK/ kg. 

This merchandise is  available only in our store.

The way of taking then relies on your personal visit in our store in  Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

4. Tumbled smooth stones

Suitable for producing stone jewelry or as a talismans.
You will find in our stock following stones:
- opalite
- nephrite
- rose quartz
- jet
- fluorite rainbow and many others
Smooth stones are part of new shipment from China which is due to arrive on 2. 10. 2019.
The complete offer of tumbled smooth stone is here.

5. Tumbled Stones

You can be looking forward to many new types that were sold out recently. Now shipment contains following stones:

- jet

- angelite

- jade

- rhyolite

- calcite orange

- synthetic avanturine blue and red 

New shipment from China is due to arrive here on 2. 10. 2019.

You will find the complete offer of TUMBLED STONES here.

!!! Discount 10% is not applicable on goods in PACKS  and goods from CLEVER!!!

Apart from the assortment mentioned above you will also find in our offer following products - GEMSTONE BRACELETSpearl bracelets and necklacessponge coral jewelryminerals in boxesamethyst and citrine drusesstone lamps and candle holdershearts 40mmmassage points and many other products.

We hope you will take advantage of the promotion and we are looking forward to your visit and orders.

Yours Sincerely

 Team of Svet Kamenu (World of Stones) 



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