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New consignment Brazil and Russia

New consignment Brazil and Russia4.9.19 - Dear Valued Customers, We would like to inform you about receiving two new consignments from Brazil and Russia. They have already been unpacked and are prepared to be sold in our company in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.








We received a great amount of geodes which are of various shapes and sizes. Do not hesitate and come to choose from this wide offer.

Geodes are arranged in the groups "lots" on the pallets (12 pieces on each pallet). If you buy whole lot on the pallet without selecting the price is 150 CZK/kg.

If you prefer selection of individual pieces the price is 250 CZK/kg.

This consignment also includes the big geodes of the high quality. We offer them individually and their price is 200 CZK/ kg. 

This merchandise is  available only in our store.

The way of taking then relies on your personal visit in our store in  Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.



Shungite is non porous poly-mineral carbon rock which was given its name by the place of origin – the village Shunga on the banks of Lake Onega.

Shungite is non-translucent black stone with more or less bold metallic lustre.

You can find in our offer rough shungite and pyramids.

The price of rough shungite is 150 CZK/ kg. Stones are packed in 2 kg plastic packaging.

We also offer the economical packaging for special price - if you purchase 25 kg, the price of shungite is 90 CZK/kg.

Shungite pyramids are offered in three sizes, small for 90 CZK, middle-sized for 150 CZK and big for 360 CZK.


It is about the agate stone with ground front side( polished on the cut).The re is a drilled hole for a tea-light.

The tea-light enlightens the stone by natural light and it shows the good advantage of its colour and structure.

Agate candle holders are offered in these colours blue,red, natur, pink and purple.   

You can find the whole offer of the candleholders here.



Rough polished stone with drilled hole for tea-light. A bottom part is covered with textile.  

These candle holders are offered from: crystal, rose quartz, avanturine, sodalite and calcite.  

You can find the whole offer of the rough candle holders here.


Apart of the above mentioned range of products, you can also find in our offer agate slices, wind chimes, tumbled stones, tumbled pendants, mineral boxes, boxes with rings, loose strings from gemstones etc..

We are looking forward to your visit and order.

With best wishes,

World Stones.

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