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New shipment of chips jewelry from China

New shipment of chips jewelry from China5.3.20 - Dear Customers, We would like to inform you about new products that arrived from China. These products are allredy unpacked and ready for you in our company in Roznov pod Radhostem.









Here are all products which you can be looking forward to:


1. Bracelet chips

Small tumbled chips string on the rubber. Length 16-18cm.

Bracelet chips can be perfect accessory for necklace chips or chips earrings.

In our offer you can find many type of bracelet chips.

For example: tiger eye, amethyst, rose quartz, malachite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, hematite and many others.

The whole offer of these bracelet chips can be found here.


2. Necklace chips

Classic small tumbled chips string on the nylon.

We are offering two types of necklace chips: 

Long necklace chips: Small tumbled chips string on the nylon 80 - 90cm long. No finishing, wore over the head.

Short necklace chips: Small tumbled chips string on the nylon 40 - 45cm long. Finishings from silver plated brass.

We are offering these necklace chips in many types of stones. For example: rock crystal, amethyst, rhodonite, aventurine, opalite, magnezite, lapis lazuli, malachite, carnelian and many others.

The whole offer of bracelet chips can be found here.


3. Loose strings 

In our shop we are offering loose strings from more than 70 types of stones and variety of shape. 

You can also choose between loose strings from gemstone or from semi-precious stones.

You can be looking forward to loose strings from dyed agate, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, hematite, smoky quartz, rose quartz, malachite, labradorite, fluorite, coral and many others.

The whole offer of loose strings can be found here.


Recently we received 5 containers of minerals from Brazil.
We are working every day on unpacking and preparing these minerals for you.
From these shipment you can be looking forward to:


- Candle holders (rock crystal rough 160 CZK/pc, rose quartz rough 160 CZK/pc, aventurine rough 160 CZK/pc, sodalite rough 160 CZK/pc, amethyst druses 350CZK/pc, agate natur, blue, pink, violet, teal 160 CZK/pc).

- Amethyst druses Uruguay cut base (400 CZK/kg a 250 CZK/kg).

- Amethyst druses Brazil (300 CZK/kg).

- LEMURIAN rock crystal points and druses (1200CZK/kg).

- Minerals (kyanite 300 CZK/kg, tourmaline schorl 400 CZK/kg and many others).

- Minerals on a metal stand (amethyst and citrine 300CZK/kg).

- Amethyst and citrine geodes

Price of these geodes is 300 CZK/kg and 250 CZK/kg for selecting individual geodes.

You can also buy these geodes like all pallets (lots). Pallets sale means that geodes are together on pallet and when you will buy all pallet without choosing any of them price is 200 CZK/kg and 150 CZK/kg.


!!! Because of the price growth of amethyst geodes in Brazil and growth of US dolar it is not possible to apply other discount or discount from sales days on the lot price!!!


Except from this assortment we are also offering pearl necklaces and bracelets, hematite jewelry, amber jewelry, red coral jewelry, minerals BOXES, hearts and points, loose strings and bracelets from gemstones and many others.

Our offer is so big that we highly recommend a personal visit to our company for making a personal choice.  

We are looking forward to your visit and orders

Kind regards

Team of Svet kamenu 

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